What is Google Auto Suggest?
How to create it?

Google Suggest or Google Autocomplete is the feature that automatically completes a query when a user enters keywords in the search box.

Based on keyword popularity, Google suggests the most relevant search queries for the entered keyword and appears directly below the search box.

Google needs to see that a term is popular and according to a very authoritative website.

Today, GooSuggest will share with you more about this great feature and how to use that for marketing

google autocomplete service - GooSuggest

For users, Google Suggest helps:

- Save time on your search
- Helpful keyword suggestions
- Correct spelling mistakes
- Remind you previously searched keywords.

For SEOs, this tool helps:

- Keyword research
- Capture search trends
- Directing customers to easily access products and services.

How to create Google Suggest

Keyword + brand competition.
Keyword + domain

If you want to create a Suggest, you need to do a lot of things but now you can use Google Suggest Creation Service.

The queries that users are interested in about a topic will help Google understand this is a query, a keyword that users are interested in at the moment.

Lost when using Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a great SEO strategy that everyone can use to boost their branding.

Short keyword SEO becomes very difficult while a short keyword plus a little featured will create a long keyword that is less competitive, easier to SEO, but this long keyword is unknown so no one is looking for it.

Long keyword up Google Suggest is the right direction. The methods to build Google Suggest on you should apply in parallel, not apply singly.

Applying many methods simultaneously will generate more visits, the position on Google Suggest will be improved.While Google Suggest is directly affected by search engine optimization (SEO), SEOs should note that this functionality can affect the image of a brand or individual.

There are many instances where brands could quickly get a Google Suggest recommendation with negative connotations after a big scandal. For example, when searching with the keyword "Lazada", Google will give a "Phishing Lazada" suggestion.

In this case, SEO should aim to represent the affected brand, product, or company with a positive message to the customer as a very important part of the promotion.

In the best case, this results in the search query change and negative additions gradually being removed from Google from the Google Suggestions list.

Of course, a positive reputation can also be boosted through Google Suggest.For webmasters, Google Suggest can be a useful keyword tool, like Google Adwords.

It can help webmasters find or research what keywords they should optimize their website.

Sites that can be optimized relative to the often suggested search combinations, in order to achieve higher rankings for these combinations.

Appear on Google Suggest next to your money-keywords!