UPSEO's case study is a company that sell website traffic. It is basically a traffic bot, software that generate web traffic. This is what UPSEO got after using our google autocomplete creation service.


Which keyword was the most suitable to create a Google Suggest?

We chose the keyword: "Traffic bot" because it is extremely relevant to UPSEO's business. The monthly search volume of this keyword is also important:

USA monthly search volume:

USA monthly search volume for "Traffic bot"

5400 potential UPSEO's customers search the the keyword "traffic bot" each month in USA

How did we create the Google suggest?

We created high quality links, and we built trust around UPSEO's brand. The targeted country of UPSEO is the United States, that is why we focus on building a strong local authority in the US. Building a Google Suggest is a tough work, but we could do it in less than one month.

The result after 25 days in USA:

UPSEO results of the case study

When somebody search on google the keyword: "Traffic bot".

The first Suggestion that appears on the top of the box is: "Traffic bot generator UPSEO".

What is the impact on UPSEO's business?

In terms of SEO, UPSEO has improved his ranking positions in a very short time:

UPSEO results of the case study GSC

In terms of Sales, UPSEO has
increased his growth revenue by 30%.

What are you waiting for?

If you want the same results as UPSEO, you can contact us, we will discuss with you about the best strategy that we can implement in your business.

Appear on Google Suggest next to your money-keywords!